Language Learning App (Part 1)


First languages we should do, also the app will be for English speaking people to learn other languages.


I wonder, can you add Dutch to that list?

Can you add Japanese? I'm learning Japanese.

あなたはこれを読むことができます? (Google翻訳による翻訳。)

You are [insert rest of stuff here]

What? Google Translate gave "You this" for that.

Japanese is hard. without knowing

you can't tell what


I put "Can you read this? (Translated by Google Translate.)" in. Also, 翻訳 seems to mean "translate".

Ideas for this app:

  • SRS Flash cards
  • Mnemonics
  • Material in the language you're learning
  • Dictionary
  • Translator
  • A game kind of like Nitrotype

I guess if @sir_kitten2 forgot a "?" it could mean that: "You this?".

Means "is this you?"

I got "Are you this?". But that's somewhat understandable.


To Earth

@earthrulerr why did you reply to this post and not the topic?

So no Japanese since it seems complicated. Dutch sure.



bubgamer07_bungamer0 was replying to my

Japanese is pretty simple. "あなたはこれを読むことができます? (Google翻訳による翻訳。)" transliterated is "Anata wa kore o yomu koto ga dekimasu? (Gūguru hon'yaku ni yoru hon'yaku.)". "hon'yaku" is an odd one with an apostrophe, and means "translate"; the "ū" of "Gūguru" is a long "oo" sound.

Edit: Are there any linguists here? (Other than me.)

It’s not simple…

It's really the writing system that's so complicated.