Language Learning App (Part 3)

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original by @sir_kitten2

Ideas for this app:

  • SRS Flash cards
  • Mnemonics
  • Material in the language you're learning
  • Dictionary
  • Translator
  • A game kind of like Nitrotype
  • Lip images to show how to pronounce each syllable (pretty hard; for this lang learning thing you'd have thousands of words to learn, so 1000-100000 images(which will break size limit(so we need to use an external database or something)))

Lets get rid of dictionary and translator as we can't find one.

We need a

We can get around not using a dictionary, though.

The dictionary doesn't work without a translator because the definitions are in the language the word is in.

Okay, we've gotten through the main UI. It's time to start actually teaching the language!

Japanese team


Dutch team


French team


Spanish team
German team


Just add yourself here to join!

As @348663451y said:

How are we supposed to do that if it isn't a wiki?

Sorry. Fixing that.

I can do French.

Yes. I think we should start the actual code where the user learns their language. I think we could start by teaching them simple phrases from a list like "Hello. My name is {insert name here}" or "My favourite colour is {favourite colour}" (we could show a list of colours in the language for the last one). We could make a button that looks like this:

And when this button is clicked, it will say the given phrase in that language. The phrases could get progressively harder and easier depending on how the user performed on the previous phrase. We could use a list of different level phrase lists.

Any other ideas on how to make this possible?

We need open source audio clips. Web speech API is garbage.

Hundreds of

if not more.

I added the speaker.


Just add your username to sir_kitten2's post:

Edit 2: fine I'll add you to it.

Go to Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks go to sensing, then go to custom blocks.

(italics were me)
...that isn't a libretranslate mirror. is a libretranslate mirror.

(BTW the "duration" block is mine)

I’m talking about the Language: Text: block.

...which uses

So, what are we doing?

Making a language app.

No, I know. I meant more specifically, what are we doing to further our progress on it. How about simple code that gives the user a random phrase to say with a translation and a text to speech option to hear it? Shall I start on that?