How to join the Hyposyn Team!

We need more people to work on projects for us!

That's why we are now hiring anyone to come and join us!

Here are the spots we have:

Chief Executive Officer: sladescar (TAKEN)

Head Developer: sladescar (TAKEN)

Developers: d4s_over_dt4 (AVAILABLE)

Web Designers: earthrulerr, mr_owlssssnap2 (AVAILABLE)

Beta Testers (HDP): slate_technologies, bombmanyeeted (AVAILABLE)

Reply if you would like to join!

i can do javascript and html but i cant do css

and i can make servers with python

web designers web designers web designers

-check(but i wont do any good to multisprite projects :frowning: )

can i take a spot as competitor


@sladescar please


yay time to go make a and port of the website



Web Designer?

i can do server backend and javascript(no snap)

theres css involved in the website, and more than 1 sprite involved


where is repl link i will do it afer school
do you need a backend i can make a backend

wait you dont even have a python repl or a node repl?darn

this is a collection of sniposses?

yeah it is