NOT best os wins

i'm not actually joking

i'm making my own snap os to test out ui design and the abilities of snap, and i'd prefer it (even though the licenses allow it) for us to not just be taking code from eachother because that would get pretty boring

i wanna see some real innovation, comparisons, different implementations, other things for cross compatibility, all that good stuff

not just to go against snipos but also arcticos too since that seems to have popped up

@sladescar @_gammarage

EDITS (i also changed the title):
since everyone seems to be confused
i'm NOT asking people to make more OSes (i don't care whether you do or don't)
i'm asking that people making the OSes don't just take code around because then it's just stealing code and the best os isn't from the person that had the best ideas or most work, which is pretty boring

since those two already have shown an os i'm mainly asking them

if you want to make a competing os, you will be competing when a project is shared without copied code, there's no need to ask, just do.

Can I submit an OS even though I started working on it already (it's not released yet)?

@18001767679 excuse me pls gimme the link to your parity interpreter



I'll add more opcodes into it



don't be held down by "architecture"
if you want more opcodes add more opcodes
cherish the opcodes you bring into the world

yeah im doiong it already

i'm not saying anything about submitting, i'm just asking that things don't get merged and stolen everywhere into one boring everything os

even if it would be better than the individual ones at any point you lose the journey and the learning and that's what it's all about

im just waiting from those two to say yes or no really


anyways can you explain why you're posting it on this topic? it doesn't seem related in any way
i'm not asking random people to make more stuff i'm really just asking those two if we can not steal from eachother so more interesting stuff happens


im joining.

i think everyone is missing the point here, i'll edit the original post

An assembler
It's processing shell script


ok yes but i am still "competing"

the tags aren't the post
this isn't a vague "whatever" competition and i'm not asking for what people are doing
if you want to share what you're doing that's good but please just make a new topic

oh okay
can i revert the project?i missed the point and now want to make a cpu at circuit lab
anyways im too fond of cmd shells and wont have any gui elements aside the ask at all

you will be competing when a project is shared without copied code, there's no need to ask