Help make an among us game (Part 1)

ok but i need the images

just look them up

It's been an hour!

what about it?

@helicoptur what do you mean?

That's not a bump, it's only been an hour.
Please be more patient.

uh I was just posting a random text to put my post in the latest section

ok what is happening I have no idea what this is. It can not even be online because cloud vars do not exist in snap

Jeez, do you have ANY patience at all?
What I meant is that an hour is too little time to bump after.


if you use a cloud var server by the community you can save cloud vars

@helicoptur I come form scratch and Ive been on snap for 2 days, I'm used to scratch forms why are you bugging me?

why are YOU bugging ME?
You replied to my same post twice in 4 minutes and mentioned me 2 times for no reason.

because you were the one who was bugging me

how so

ok just stop this argument

because you said something about bumping

what does post withdrawn by author mean?

it means post deleted

why did you delete it?

The past probably 50 or so posts are off-topic.
@bh could you please come clean this up? like using the split thing or just outright deleting them?