Bumping forum posts

Just a way to make a topic show up in the latest section, to avoid spam a topic can only be bumped once every 2 days

Umm. You've been here less than 24 hours, so I guess you're not so familiar with our community, but we really have very little problem with people bumping things for no reason. It happens once in a long while, when someone just joins us from Scratch, and then people tell them not to do it, and they stop.

The thing is, we didn't write the forum software, and for us to mod it would be a huge effort better spent on Snap! itself and on the parts of the web site we did write. So it'd have to be a really big issue for us to undertake rewriting the code.

Having said that, some forum policy settings are configurable, and we've tweaked them in response to some user requests.

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