Help make an among us game (Part 1)

just stop replying for now

got it

Yes they do you have to get them form libraries.

err, just remix a project with them(this project is the one I want to use link)

I fixed tips.

I do not know how to use cloud vars please ask someone else but I can make other stuff.

il try to do cloud

just add the among us title screen music and it will be done

(the menu)

cloud vars wont work because it takes about a second to fetch them, not at all fast enough for real-time gameplay
I suggest using websockets instead. (link)

where is a tutorial on how to use that

ill make one hang on

if you need help with anything else let me know but i probably wont respond immediately

ok but where will we get a websocket server?

Host it somewhere.


Your own computer, a VPS, a mobile device,, Just google it

I don't have the hacker plan of, I can't use always on

hey programmer user can you make a websocket server for this among us game