Fish Eaters (Part 4)

Continuing the discussion from Fish Eaters (Part 3) - #105 by spacer.

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yasss, now where were we?

No where

that is not helpful

I meant that we havent made any progress since a few days ago.

So let’s make some

UPDATE: scrolling is now working!

yeah, I forgot to tell you that bug in what the fish goes ZOOOM

I'm done with my fork of the game

Can I see the official version of the game?

Well... there is no official version, but my version is the latest build

What is the link to it?

I invited you to the official collection, also why did you change your username?

the latest is the top left project

Way to laggy, when we add multiplayer it will be like one frame per hour.

are you in fullscreen?



don't use fullscreen, then it works perfectly!

Still like 10 frames per second.

well, can you make it more efficient somehow, I can help you.

I know. I fixed that in my build