Fish Eaters (Part 5)

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calling @joecooldoo quickly, we are adding you to the discussion.

not spam

ok im here

check out the post 4 texts ago, (100th post of last topic)

Im automatically added, so you don't need to call me. I get notifications when someone texts me anyways.

anyways, wanna test the chat on the last Smerge?

Its actually here
(reply when ready)

yea, but I made updates to the chat, so can we use the latest Smerge?

I dont like smerge, it keeps trashing my scripts. just give me the list or a screenshot.
bty you probably dont have my SEIRIOUS chat fix.

ugh, I'll try giving the list.

thank you, its just that smerge keeps duplicating my scripts and i have to keep deleting them.

I'm having the same problem... and it quadruples the fish!

Because it duplicates the scripts. The script that clones the fish 100 times is being duplicated, causing tons of fish to appear.
test chat here pls

it works


I don't understand why you would want to team up with anyone, the goal is to get a bunch of points for yourself, right? Unless teams are coded in, chat seems pretty much useless.

team up means, you don't eat each other, but you need to share the food!

were going to add multiplayer soon.

i know, and that's not what i was saying.