Fish Eaters (Part 1)

A new fun game I'll work on! This will be a game that has

  • A fun concept(eat fish to gain points)
  • Multiplayer Gaming with a Chat (we'll like @sir_kitten to help with this)
  • Special Skins to give you an advantage against the others.
  • A single player option that has super-intelligent AI
  • Fun Challenges to keep players interested!
  • Lot's of updates to keep players excited for what we will add!

And much more...

If you want to join just ask!

Dev team (no maximum):

  1. spacer
  2. sir_kitten
  3. helicoptur
  4. happyrebecca
  5. slate_technologys
    We also have a Do-To list for those who want to help :
  • Background & Stage Art - helicoptur
  • Art of characters and other elements
  • Music - spacer
  • JS help - sir_kitten & helicoptur
  • AI coding - slate_technologys & joecooldoo
  • Make a cloud engine
  • Cloud programming - sir_kitten
  • whatever this is:

(you can edit to claim a task or add one!)

latest news:
We are in need of ideas! Anyone can help by giving us an idea by posting their idea!

only if you are part of the team.

claim like this

  • example - spacer

What we are doing :

  • Coding A Demo

How many collaborations are you going to create?

as many as I see fit lol.

I just like collabin' (yes I made up a word)

does anyone want to join reply if you want to

I'll will not come back to this unless someone replys.

edit : I'll probably come back in a month or so. BUT PLEASE SOMEONE OTHER THAN ME REPLY!

I join!

also how did you make your post a wiki

click the three dots on the post, then the wrench, then "make wiki"
lol @helicoptur made this a wiki

Before we start using the cloud. we will make an demo for the 2 other "not online" gamemodes :
single player - eat all the fish you can
local multi - play with a friend, whoever eats the other person wins.

online game modes that are low-priority right now.
server - play with multiple friends, become 1 on the leaderboard
FFA - play on a public server to get on the leader board for 15 minutes of fame!

ill work on demo

ok dokay. since I do not have a lot of free time right now I can't help you.

I will use my set cursor to () block

Please do not claim like this
example - @spacer
example - spacer.

no @

I like that. How are you gonna use it?

just to change the cursor when you hover over a button

I like that, remember that you need to make a barebone minimum of these

News : 2 more postitions left. Join Now!