The search topic 2 electric boogaloo (Part 2)

what do you mean by center doesn't work? like you cant put it in or when you put it in it does something else?


So basically the way the costume from text block works is really weird and it does a ton of stuff with positions

ccbincc ccbincc mobile  script pic 2
Here’s the version, you could add an xy input if you want but I only need it for the one instance

wdym by an xy input

Like where you want to have the sprite be instead of going to x: 0

what would be the purpose for that?

If you want to make a text costume that has the center of the text be the center of the costume instead of the bottom left of the text being the center

Morning people!

does it use javascript? (you said you're using cookies)

Lol, it’s a cookie clicker game. It uses the database library

good morning


Any new progress on the kyo model?

what does kyo model mean

Not much


oh, ok

then it's not a cookie. it is a key in local storage

Its a (non) physical cookie because its cookie clicker, not a browser cookie