The search topic 2 electric boogaloo (Part 2)

Thats why i said lol cuz i thought it was a joke

what 3d editor did you use to make that 3d model?


ah yes
i was trying to find it on my pc

here was my attempt at blender a few months back


What do you think will be in todays Nintendo direct

Among us map 5 is crazy

can someone pleas make me a 2D button that says click me on it. This is for a upcoming project that I am making.

New scratch pfp

Made a mini arg for ccbincc remastered
Stuff to solve it are here

countdown and solution

The past 11 posts are all countdowns
“2+2 is 10, in base four I’m fine!” Is a quote from portal
The picture of a geometry dash ball:
In gd the level the ball was introduced in was cycles, the ninth level
“This is Time Machine:” the level before cycles uses the song “time Machine” by water flame, in the song you can hear a voice saying that throughout it
“Lucky” in cookie clicker getting a lucky golden cookie gives a base of seven cookies, also the number 7 is seen as lucky
“12/2” 12/2 is 6
“Deploying surprise in x, 4- hold o…” this is another quote from portal, where the x is glados says “five
The next 4 are just the numbers the buildings in the pictures are in remastered, and the last one is a screenshot of remastered with the cookie ammount set to 0 indicating the start

Solution to the “arg”

The last 4 post titles spell out “keys” and in the update notes there’s some corrupted text. You have to decipher the text and 5en base 64 decode it. Doing that gives the text “R E M A S T E R”
Putting two and two together you have to type the word “remaster” while the project is running when you do this it reveals the link to play the game!

whats new with y'all

Not much really

good morning


Is the search still being worked on?

Maybe maybe not, shadow still has complete control over chapter 2


First represtation of the player

@xx_pax_xx @shadowmeowmeow32

I think it’s time I show what was cooking all this time..
costume1 32
What do you think!?
I’ve been practicing my art skills this whole time!

Nice! It looks great!