Team 1 (Part 1)

just leave me alone about ok.


start brainstorming you don't have forever.


NetsBlox forum has private messaging. That might be why.

A virus multiplayer ON Snap! using some cloud vars but what cloud vars?

NetsBlox cloud vars, want me to explain them to you?

We’re not going to use NetsBlox.

Why not?

Just because you like Nets Blox, doesn't mean everybody else has to use it. The majority of your team either can't go on NetsBlox, or aren't allowed to.

we are not supposed to be here.

  1. The competition has not started, yet.
  2. We already have our idea.

yeah but we don't want to know their idea ( even tho we do).

I really don't want to complain.

good lets get out of here.

I'm leaving to join team 2 then.

Cant use NetsBlox there either.

First and obvious: it’s a Snap! Unofficial Event not NetsBlox Event😐

Also with the idea we will be doing a virus game or smth that is multiplayer and we will use cloud vars to record the x, y, and direction then relay it to other players and display that player with those positions. If you don’t understand that I’m quite frankly dissatisfied.

Ask @nieznajomyh if you're allowed

I am.

Welcome to team 1.

@earthrulerr I'm gona stick with team 1.