Team 1 (Part 1)

Snap. Doesn't. Have. Cloud. Vars. And. I. Don't. Want. To. Use. Community. Made. Cloud. Vars.

use netsblox cloud vars if it's allowed

Why not community?

Eh... I'm just skeptical of them.

@earthrulerr I'm gona leave and start team 3.

we didn't even start and the part 2's of these topics are coming.

Don't use this Idea, I'm using it for my team(I have the right becuase I made it.)

Ugh just pick a team!

So what is the idea?

I wana leave this collab.

@earthrulerr is team leader and yes there is room

you did!

We know!

That’s… like… the seventh time you’ve said that!

we found a 3rd member for you.

That's me... Right?

We’re is Joe?

He's out with my mom doing the groceries. He will be back soon.

Ok, so is he still on the team?

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