Team 1 (Part 1)

I do but prefer iPad since the editor graphics are better and because there isn’t that much of a difference. On PC the editor UI is kind of blurry but on iPad it’s not.

So you prefer having your graphics look a tiny bit better over having location blocks, legal cloud var blocks, networking and online project collaboration?

how do you do that?

I also have no idea to use cloud messaging.

I'm guessing you use safari on your iPad, try using crome or firefox.

I’ll try chrome. Also I don’t know how to use NetsBlox. I deeply prefer coding on Snap! with my iPad. I am more used to iPad, I don’t know NetsBlox, I will try chrome, teach me NetsBlox or I will steal your JS!

Ok, well I'l do it on the NetsBlox forums, go there.


Netsblox is pretty much just Snap! with more blocks. Everything else is extra.

I have the extra is what I don’t understand, well I understand it just not how to use it.

Then don't use the extra (which mainly refers to the online collaboration features).

Can I join this team?

If helicoptur isn’t then sure.

guys don't use netsblox cause some people (me) can't use it

im not aloud to use it.

voter can be on a team!

here look at this.


Are you sure?


im not aloud to use it! thats what I mean!

Why? It's just like Snap! if your allowed to use Snap! then why?