Team 1 (Part 1)

Please click here for details.

Team 1’s slots are closed. We ask that only people in team one post on this thread. If you want to join you can join the other teams.

helicoptur - JS and Blocks
earthrulerr - UI & Blocks
bubgamer - Blocks


Since we cannot make/work on the project yet but we can get ideas and brainstorm.


ok im gonna finish my custom block.

what should we do?

would something im working on work?

Program that teaches the user Japanese(I'm learning Japanese BTW)
Google maps program(in NetsBlox)
MMO Farming game

That can be done in Snap! too...

Can I join? (If so, I think we should do the Google Maps Program sir_kitten2 was talking about)

Limit was 3 per team. You can join team 2 though! Start a thread like this and say it in the link I sent at the beginning of this topic that your joining team 2. Maybe @helicoptur will join you.

NetsBlox I have no idea how to use it and my device isn’t compatible with it. I say we create a os that is like Green OS but on Snap!. Most Snap! OS’s do not have as good UI and as much work. Seaming as we are a team we could create a super advanced and good one.

Second idea: 3D game?

Third idea: We could make a text engine and editor that is simple and easy to use that has a thing like google docs. You can save jd load documents.

What about


That’s kind of simple.


Nostalgia os?

make it look like windows 95.
IDEA FOR APP: ねこ家 (In this app, you feed your cats and play with them(私愛ねこ。))

sorry guys im a voter so I can't be here

:~( @joecooldoo ?

I can still talk I just can't help.

@joecooldoo is not in this team but now that im gone he can.