Team 1 (Part 1)

Stop pinging me like this, I read the forum regularly and it just causes unnecessary alerts.
Edit: I've read all the topics and decided that I do want to join if there are still vacancies @earthrulerr (ping so you'll see this)

Yes. Also @sirhopsalot your leaving? @joecooldoo that means you can join. I need confirmation from hops.

yeah sorry I get to be a voter

Ok then @joecooldoo your in.

Yeah, sorry... I'm a voter too...

Gah. Why can’t voters participate. Then we won’t have enough participants.

ill ask.
edit: I asked

I checked this first then started to check the 7 or so new posts on the main.

@earthrulerr what is the first app we should code?

app? are we making an OS?

naw you should make a game you do too many os's

Did you mean to reply to someone else?

@earthrulerr joecooldoo can't join.

Virus Game
Connect in an online game with people around the globe to fight a virus!

Online games. That don’t use NetsBlox.

You can join team 1. Also if the voters are going to join then they will be team 2.

Would the voters unanimously vote for team 2? If that is not allowed and there are only two teams, team 1 would have to win.

Why not NetsBlox?

Not compatible for my device so I wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Don't you have a PC/Laptop?