Space land optimization update what to expect

I have been updating spaceland for a while now and this update will be the biggest yet
it is going to completely rework how the entire game works
making it faster and easier to use and easier to update and expand

here’s the link (note that it is not finished and is still being worked on)

i would love some feedback

what am i supposed to do with this ?

also, there are way too much variables shown on screen

yeah that is old code that hasn't been converted to the new system just ignore the errors
and the variables are being converted to the table system

did you read the note

also if you want to see the version that was before this here's the link

is -54 a good amount of homeless people?
Screen Shot 2023-11-04 at 1.59.46 PM

that means you have extra space for people to live in so yes

when the update is done im gonna make a mod that makes like a proper menu and stuff

have you tested the game? try doing that every 5 minutes to make sure its working correctly.

that sounds really cool
if you want to do it now
you can mod space land galaxy update
aka the latest stable update

tip: uncheck the variables so it would not display on screen

i wasnt going to add a title screen yet @coder_07 was going to try

its er000ror not coder7

i know but @coder_07 was going to mod the game to add a title screen not me

i might after this update is finished but not in the middle of devopment for this update

Yeah, but it's just wasted money going to those 54 extra living spaces. Best to get some visitors!


also welcome to snap @roboticisaac

Thank you! I learned about Snap! from the other similiar coding website, Scratch.

yeah i learned about snap before scratch in a book