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this is the main page for space land a space empire game where you buy buildings to get more materials to buy more buildings etc

latest update:

latest stable update:

space land devlog:

please type your feedback on the game so i can make it better

link to my priorities

Currently the project starts by asking "Do you want a tutorial?" this is a nice feature, but it doesn't tell you how to respond to the question, (do you say Y/N or yes/no, or something else)

to fix this, I would suggest changing the tutorial question to "Do you want a tutorial? (yes/no)"

ok ill add that

@starbox614 it has been added to the latest update

nice! :D

hm, this kinda reminds me of the final earth. (its a game on coolmathgames)

that game was my inspiration to make this game
i completed the cool math games version

oh lol

i've made almost all the behind the sceens stuff work with the new system

Or put a list of options in the ask and wait block.

do you mean by using the menu library

You don't need that library. That's what the library does.

I’ve now made a page to show my priorities

Maybe instead of using variable reporters, you could use this!
Textbox Creator
Textbox Creator script pic

this is really cool ill try to incorporate into my game

i got this game over screen at the beginning of the tutorial and this sort of monitor just poped up ans started tlking about a new area

i said the update wasnt finished
im reworking the intire game expect bugs
play the latest stable version