Sonic Game! (Part 3)

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you cant run html in snap

I already said that you can't do HTML in snap

you can using js :slight_smile:

stop please you are annoying when you scream like that it is not funny.

If you don't want to participate then don't reply! It's that simple!

stop @nabayneh just STOP WITH IT!

@bubgamer07_bungamer0 @helicoptur , what should we start working on to be more productive?

I'm not really a part of this...

that is too simple! we need a greater puzzle!

Can I have the game link?

Action not rpg undertale make it look non pixel

Why not just say oof did you do that intentionally because uff is oof in German.

Yeah those seem good.

Also we could use HTML on this for buttons, I made this: HTML on Snap - #2 by programmer_user!%20HTML

I know but could we use it for this? I am and I can ake buttons with some help from @programmer_user to create the HTML with JS then I can add it once that is done for better buttons.


You do understand that when you overwrite the html for the page, the entire snap environment is gone, right?

If you want to go make a game entirely in HTML code, go somewhere else. But not on the Snap! forum. This is for discussion of Snap!.

Going for Featured!
Going for Snap!con 2021!

The code is pretty simple to write, and I'm pretty sure it's just copied from somewhere else (Found it: here, that project was made in november 2020 and has the exact same code for the block, and yours was made in april 2021), so I don't think you'll get featured on the site or at snap con.
Besides, there's already an official reference manual that is more in-depth and has pictures.

Ok. 1