Sonic Game! (Part 2)

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I would like to join! Im not as new to coding as you think: ive been coding for 2 years now.

ok, you can join


“The Lost Emerald” I like it!

what online engine should I use?

Use an encrypted cloud vars, we can make our own system

and @programmer_user is not responding?(I'm only good at client side js not server side)

I KNOW A GOOD TWIST!!! when you touch an enemy it enters a RPG style combat system

nice! something like pokemon?

yes :grinning:

Our next collaboration is Pokemon btw!

yes lets do that

ya want to join?

i guess

yeah Its alive but with 3 collabs I don't think it can manage

that argument was embarrassing umm....

We will never argue like that again, we must resolve conflicts peacefully! This is not a forum for arguing, this is a forum for working together, this will never happen again!