Sonic Game! (Part 2)

Continuing the discussion from Sonic Game! (Part 1).

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I would like to join! Im not as new to coding as you think: ive been coding for 2 years now.


“The Lost Emerald” I like it!

what online engine should I use?

Use an encrypted cloud vars, we can make our own system

and @programmer_user is not responding?(I'm only good at client side js not server side)

I KNOW A GOOD TWIST!!! when you touch an enemy it enters a RPG style combat system

nice! something like pokemon?

yes :grinning:

Our next collaboration is Pokemon btw!

ya want to join?

yeah Its alive but with 3 collabs I don't think it can manage

that argument was embarrassing umm....

We will never argue like that again, we must resolve conflicts peacefully! This is not a forum for arguing, this is a forum for working together, this will never happen again!


That's the spirit! Now let's get working for the greater good of sonic!

are we still in for the RPG style fighting?

yeah. but some of the complications of that would be that players would actively avoid enemies instead of rolling into them, this is because RPG fighting is longer that just hitting an enemy until it loses all of it's hit points. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but we need to look at the complications of stuff to calculate how fun our game is to play.

the thing that makes you fight an enemy is you get XP for doing it, which makes is easier to fight bosses. Also we should make a hidden level that you can only unlock by fighting every enemy