HTML Viewer

I'm don't think this works as an embed so click here to view the project.
I'm not finished yet so the HTML either pops up in the lower left corner or fits (kind of) perfectly in the corner of the fullscreen viewer.
If you want to export the blocks make sure to export all blocks because it has dependencies.

If you set htmlContent to anything with the URL block, it shows the website without the CSS.

Yes, as it doesn't have the CSS code, it looks all weird.

...and it can't reference the images and source code correctly so it doesn't really turn out well.
I tried Youtube but then there's CORS:

But IFraming it might work.

hmm, try to run a Snap! project in an iframe.

i think i found a way to crash your pc. run an iframe of this project which runs an iframe which runs an iframe...

IFraming Youtube does work:

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lol, you leveled Snap! rickrolls up

@jens Good timing!

(We were just talking about Export Blocks last night...)


click the green flag in the iframe

come on click the green flag in the iframe

It doesn't add anything...