Snap! version 7.0 to be released this weekend

Snap! 7.0 will become the official release this weekend. This should cause no problems; old projects will continue to work. The old version will be at, but please note that once a project has been saved in the new version, it can't be loaded into the old version. (If that turns out to be a problem for anyone, remember the Recover feature.)

This version provides teachers with more support for building Parsons problems with a vastly reduced unified palette specified by the teacher or curriculum developer. The process can be automated by pulling all the blocks you want to keep into the scripting area, and then asking Snap! to hide everything that isn't in the scripting area.

Users will find several big new features. The biggest is scenes, which are like sub-projects of a project. Think levels in a video game, or chapters in a book. Each scene can decide when to load a different scene, and can send it information with BROADCAST.

Another big new feature is the ability to turn an expression or a script into a tree-structured list of its syntactic elements, and vice versa. This is the first step toward macros, the last Scheme feature missing in Snap!.

And there are many smaller changes, such as the ability to add categories in the palette, and an interface to the new web-serial feature of some browsers, which makes it much easier to control a robot that's attached to a USB port entirely in Snap!.

PS Snap!shot this Saturday! Be there or be square.

First! :lambda::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Does this fix the Javascript vulnerability? Is Javascript working again on shared projects?


No, it was added for a reason. But this fixed the libraries needing JS.

Yay! I'm so excited!

If we worked on projects in the development versions of 7, will they work into the weekend's release?

(I feel like this is a no-brainer, but I just want to be sure about it.)

of course.

6.9.2 will be there? (currently it's 6.0.0)

Sounds really cool :smiley: I´m excited!

Yeah, good catch, we'll update that.

I'll need to update my Various versions of Snap! topic.

By the way, is it known what dev version will be on

Do you mean what number it'll have? I mean, at first it'll be the same version as the released 7.0, but as we add to it, if there's just a quick bug fix it'll be 7.0.1, and if there's a serious new feature it'll be 7.1. But your question makes it sound as if we have more new code just waiting to jump into dev, and that's not the case.


Yay! What a great early christmas present

Early Christmas present, or whatever holiday you celebrate!

confused on project transfer: will our projects be automatically converted to 7?

Your projects will work in 7 unchanged. When you save them, they'll be in v7 format.

If your project uses a standard library with JS code, you should re-import that library to take advantage of not having to click Enable JS each time.

Snap! is still in 6.9.2 whenever I press the "Run Snap!" button on the front page. What can I do to fix this?

From what was said at the conference, there are still a few issues to sort out before it's released

So I think it's best just to carry on coding and wait till it's actually announced that it has been released :slight_smile: