Snap 7.0 feature hunt!

If you are wondering "Snap! 7.0 hasn't came out yet" it hasn't, but it's still in development. If you want to see the latest version of Snap! 7.0 it is at this link, Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

NOTE: Please don't post any bug reports as it is still in development (It will be buggy), Also, @bh doesn't want any feature requests either, Please keep this in mind and have fun! :~)

What this is about
This is a place to post new features that are in Snap! 7.0.

  • Continuous scrolling in the block palette between the categories (can be toggled in the settings menu)
  • New Serial Ports library
  • Error messages of custom blocks show which internal block threw the error
  • Primitive dev mode blocks
  • Hidden primitives (For library blocks which used JS)
  • "Scenes", which allow you to combine multiple projects into one
  • You can send messages to different scenes.
  • this untitled script pic-4 it will start projects! @sirhopsalot79
  • Now you can disable click-to-run image -ego-lay_atman-bay

I see there's a new scenes feature, which looks like you can have a group of projects inside one big project.

They also extended the built-in costumes library.

if you look in the library blocks, the ones that used to use js, you can see there's some new blocks
untitled script pic (15)
untitled script pic (41)
I think there's a predicate version too, but I can't find it.

What is serial ports?

I noticed that they took away Hummingbird Robotics. (Idk what they do I never learnt how to use them)

I think they have to do with some robotics thing but I never used them.

How do you use robotics in Snap!.

How did you get this link? How do you find the new versions of Snap!?

How do you use D block doesn’t make since to me, when I click the drop down then their are a lot of options.

How do I use primitives?

Suggested update (@bh): Could you make it so that we do not have to click the settings and change a setting every time we open a project in editor. I like the single palette but every time I open something I have to turn it on. Is their a way to make it the default? If not you should add some defaults like Flat UI Design, Single Pallet, codification support, etc.

Thanks to a wonderful effort by dardoro, SNAP now has the ability to communicate over the USB port of the PC it is running on. This not only enables links to any and all microprocessors out there, it also is the mainstay of the VM interface to the amazing MicroBlocks coding environment specifically developed for physical computing. Check it out at and also at the upcoming SNAP conference.

7.0 isn't an official update yet, so I wouldn't expect it to store cookies about whether or not the experimental settings are on.


I've reported it to the microblocks team

they're not meant for the user to use.

Microblocks website has been fixed

@18001767679 Why did you change it?


@tguneysu, we lost contact about WEB Serial, can you check spam folder for :wink:


cool, what about translating text?

We're ok. Just replied today.

I know bh doesn't want feature requests, but the colors and crayons library is too big, so is the control category, and the variables and lists should be separate. (I mostly mentioned the last one because first class lists need their own category as that was one of the big ideas in BYOB)