Is there a way to include an enable JavaScript button in the embed window?

I am making a project where a save system is required, and am currently planning to use the database library for that. However, in my embed test with this script, it gave the enable JavaScript extensions pop-up. I want the project, once completed, to feel at least a little official, and not like a school project made in a computer science class. Is there any way to avoid having to get users to open my project in the Snap! code editor to use the Database library? Also preferable: removing the Snap! control bar at the top and using an alternate (in-project) start and full-screen button.

P.S, I know why JavaScript is disabled (psychos with viruses) and why the error is showing up (To avoid confusion about what I am asking).

Visual representation of the issue, for those who need it

Screenshot 2021-11-06 3.07.16 PM

  1. Java is not the same as JavaScript.
  2. Use the Snap! 7 Database Library.

Apologies for my typos :slight_smile: I fixed them.

Just to expand on what Joe has said

Snap! 7 will allow projects with official libraries to run without need to enable JS

How do I enable Snap 7? I sound like a fool, I know, but is there something I need to enable?
My browser says 6.9.2. When I open it with Run Snap! It still says that.

It's still on development

I HIGHLY recommend not using for any real projects as any features you use could be removed without warning in the final release

E.g DO NOT open your working project and then save it in the snap7 Dev version as you can't go back

Here is the link to the thread

Thank you!
I should still be working on my project by the time that comes out, so I'll start incorporating the database library, and find something else if it doesn't work in the future.
Thanks again.
Edit: I mean that I am going to continue using Snap! 6.9.2 database library for my project and depend on the official extension support when 7 is released.

Any featute you use in Snap 7 might be withdrawn at any time prior to release and your project may fail to work.

It's a Dev version and risky to use

If you must use it. Do all development in current version and then make a copy in snap7 Dev -re import the database lib. Then publish that version

If they withdraw the support for official extensions I might somehow have to use URL to connect to outside servers. (Already using it with Google Sheets to store game data, but sending data could be a bit more complicated).

Sorry I'm still failing to communicate :slight_smile:

The extension concept is locked in and won't change :slight_smile:

It's once you've started using it, you might inadvertently use some other feature that gets pulled.

As long as you develop with this in mind, you'll be alright

Just don't want you throwing caution to the wind :slight_smile:

Yes you can. Its just if you use blocks from snap 7 that dont exist in 6 will become UNDEFINED! blocks.

I thought once a project was opened and saved in 7 it couldn't be re-opened in V6 but I stand corrected

You can edit the XML to return it to 6.

Well, you can do anything if you edit the XML :slight_smile:

I was talking about what us muggles can or can't do :slight_smile:

Its actually extremely easy to do. You edit 2 (Or 1 I can't remember) word(s) at the beginning of the file.

Edit app="Snap! 7dev," to be app="Snap! 6,".

I know.

You said "(or 1 I can't remember)".


Bh said this might be in Snap! 7.0