Scripts are moving around

What's the problem you are encountering?
when i load my project, scripts that are in one sprite have been moved to
a new sprite that i didn't make
What have you tried that didn't work?
nothing. i think it's a problem with the XML but i know nothing about that
Post a project example, link, or screenshot:
the scripts keep moving from the sprite called "files" to a new
sprite called "Sprite" (not the purple one)

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I am sorry if I have been a nuisance. I guess being new to the forums I
Have been a bit impatient.

I'm sorry you're encountering issues. I've been trying to reproduce them in your project, but I cannot reproduce the problem of any script moving from the "files" sprite to the "Sprite" sprite. The "Sprite" sprite's scripting area is empty and alway stays empty, regardless whether I edit any other sprite and then save and reload the project. Is there any particular editing action, any specific block that you add to one sprite that then shows up on another one?


3 sprites with the same name: normally, snap is refusing to do that...
Normally snap auto-rename the sprite to sprite(2) if a sprite with the same name already exist...

Try to rename manually your sprites and try again.

I'm so confused, is this a different issue? You say "normally Snap is refusing to do that", how do you make same-named sprites without using some unsupported plug-in?

[edit: Aha! I see, that project has several same-named sprites]

So, @starbox614 How did you end up with those same-named sprites?

Bump @jens

I made one sprite called “sprite” on purpose, and the others appeared by themselves

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Also, one of the green (now white) “sprite” sprites has the same
Scripts as the “files” sprite, but I never put them there

I recently opened the project and the weird sprites were gone…

spelling mistake

oops i said wired sprites

2 sprites must not have the same name

The same name sprites were not named by me.
They appeared by themselves

just rename it

Wait now one is back?

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Does anyone have experience with sprites duplicating themselves?
That’s kind of what’s happening here.