Mega OS

This is a topic for my Mega OS project
Link: Snap! 7.0.5 - Build Your Own Blocks


(The project is acually a bit broken. See Scripts are moving around )

There we go.


Any thoughts on how to make the window system less laggy when controlling?

No. I haven’t actually experienced much lag yet.
I also don’t have a computer right now

Here, let me send a screen recording...

I’ve got a computer now. Just a moment

Now this is wierd… the computer says it
“Cannot establish a secure connection to
The server “

My phone still can though

On chrome it says
“Your connection is not private”

Huh. Anyways, I think when I said it was lagging, it was doing something with the files. But this still shows a bug:

Thats weird.

I think this computer might be too old

What OS are you running?

Mac OS X El Capitan
Version 10.11.6

Mac OS is kind of old.

Well there are newer versions, but this is not one of them

Oh no:

Part of the problem is that the files sprite is missing it’s scripts.
Just move all the sprites in the first sprite that have hats into the
Files sprite

Yup, that fixes it for me