Remove the clear browser data block from the database library

There's no reason to use it, and it will delete every save file from every game that uses the library. You could argue "well but my project uses a lot of different keys and i want a way to get rid of them quickly", but you could easily just:
a) make a variable with the project-related keys and do something like this
b) store it all in one key using spaces, or lines, or csv, or JSON, or something

How is that supposed to help?

Please helicoptur, don't remove the clear browser data block from the database library!!! :fearful:

It does more harm than good imo.

i dont actually have permission to do that

Oh no, if you have the permission of that now, please don't make this, the clear all data block is useful
if you have too much cloud lists, and it's too hard to say the names, the clear all data block is useful
to my next Snap! project engine to make new projects in the future, please don't make this if you make the new engined projects in the future. :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

What, do you think I can just magically gain admin permission and zap the block out of existence or something?

(preferrably JSON because it has a built-in function to decode and can handle infinite-dimension lists)
(Edit: Apparently it can't handle infinite dimension lists, but any number less than like 3500 which is around the maximum JS call stack size. But no one in their right mind would want to generate a 3500 dimension list, would they?)

you can also encode lists into json super easily now using the untitled script pic (22) block


I think the database blocks should somehow include the project name and creator in the localStorage keys (not just -snap- or whatever) with the programmer's key.




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please stop calling me out on this!


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