A Fix to a Large Problem: Local Project Keys

Have you been annoyed that using that "Clear Data in Browser" block deletes data from other projects? Annoy no more! I have been creating blocks in the past few weeks that can create local project keys!

Idea from @helicoptur's Topic "Remove the Clear Browser Data from the Database Library"

Project Link: Local Project Keys

Please tell me if you use them! :slight_smile:

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Wait so this is like cloud vars if you save something on them lets say the word 'test' and make it a var value then someone else opens it and the value of the var is 'test'

no, its saved to the browser. Its just that if other projects use these blocks, the blocks i made make it so if you clear local storage, it does it only for that project. BUT, you have to use the blocks I provided in order for everything to work properly.
EDIT: was your post a question?

Yes it was, so it can't be used for a leaderboard or smth? I mean can it be used for a global leaderboard.

maybe a single system leaderboard, but alas, no.

So it acts like the 'Databases' in libraries? I am asking could it be used to save thing then they can be loaded on a different account like a leaderboard not across projects.

yes, it acts as the database lib, but storage is local, so you could delete local storage for different projects without deleting everything.

Ok now I understand.

what could be useful, if you have cloud vars, you can make a cloud installation system, that can download updates from your project and apply updates to other currently running projects even without reloading the webpage. You could use this to store xml on your computer.

Good work !

One thing: if you save as your software to another name, you lose (you don't lose but you can't access it with your new blocks) all the previous saved data in the browser because you save the data in function of the project name...

-my software name is: THE GAME 1.0
-you play the game and the top 5 was save in the browser

-later, you modify the software and you name it : THE GAME 2.0
-you lose the previous top 5...

Its like that because there for each project.

You can use my cloud var blocks as long I ping it with Replit Self Uptiming

it would be better to be able to manually define the name of the project to use in your blocks