Remove the clear browser data block from the database library


Problem fixed:

Stop bumping this topic! And stop @‘ing jens and bh

But this is a serious issue and needs to be taken into consideration.

I haven't done that in this topic for a long time.

Ok yes it is an issue which is why I think that the block should stay BUT it should be changed.

How should it be changed? Why can't you just use the remove individual key block?

Because some people do need it. If you don’t like it THEN DON’T USE IT! If you don’t want it to be there anyway then Jsut do not use it.

Why can't they just

I want it removed so people can't easily erase all of another person's savefiles without a trace, which is effectively what it does.

But other people use it and do not want it removed.

Edit: Maybe try making your own library

But they shouldn't is what I'm saying! They can

with it. Instead of using the block, they should

I already did. Did you not see my post?

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