Project Sharing

A student attempted to share a project in the forum. The link to the forum post is here:

When the link is clicked, the project appears to be unshared. However, here is a link to a screen shot; this indicates that the project has been shared (and is in bold) reflecting that is shared:

We watched the process of sharing; if something is not being done correctly, we were not able to detect it. This happens with every project shared for this student, so it does not appear to just be an anomaly with just a single project.

A copy of the XML file sent as an e-mail attachment opened without any difficulty.

Any insights would be welcome. (Thanks)

This should probably be in #bugs.

Thanks for pointing that out ... not sure whether the bug is user error on our end or an anomaly in the Snap! file system, but I changed the tag.

I was able to open the project with the share URL. But on the project's page on the web site I see this:
Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 8.16.01 PM
so I conclude that there's something wrong with this user's directory in our cloud. Sadly @bromagosa is on paternity leave; maybe @cycomachead can look into it, but he's pretty busy. Stay tuned.

No, there's nothing worth with the cloud server. This bug has been present in the cloud since 2018. Its a date format issue in some browsers, most notably safari.

Wait -- I see the issue in the original post. Ah ha!

This is not a valid URL. Do we know where it came from? The : in the project name is not properly encoded as %3A and thus the full project name is not being requested from the server. (Edit: Actually / should be %2F too, but the URL still works. The : splitting is I think due to a Snap! misfeature, but I am not sure why the whole project name is not encoded correctly...)

This is what the full URL should look like:

Open project

Huh -- I thought it might be the colon, so I tried myself, making a project with a colon in its name and sharing it, and it worked fine. (That's why I was in Safari -- I wanted a browser where I wasn't logged in as myself.)

Oh -- these projects were shared from TuneScope, right? Not from Snap!? I bet you have an old version of the URL generator.

Thanks for the great detective work! I'll follow up with Eric and Harsh. (As an aside, moving the TuneScope music blocks to a library in mainstream Snap! should reduce this type of issue in the future.)

The reference to the old version of the URL generator (above) caused us to realize that the student was using an older instance of TuneScope based on Snap! Ver 6, rather than the current version, which is based on Snap! Ver 7. Thank you for pointing us in the right direction!

@harshpadhye I can't resist sharing the Harsh's comment after this was determined, "There is nothing better than figuring out a bug was actually just user error."

One of my system programming mentors, Ralph Gorin, taught me "Never believe anything a user says."

Actually the thing that most people do is slowly die inside whilst looking at their computer screen for 10 hours just studying their 10 scripts that are needed to run a program, only to figure out that the syntax error was just in 5 lines of code-

Before realizing that they deleted like 2 scripts and replaced them with...nothing.


Snap! got hacked by a cow from England who jumped over the moon and landed on your PC. Very true​:white_check_mark: