Paint Editor SHIFT does not constrain

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  1. What browsers show this problem? Chrome Version 83.0.4103.116
  2. Please share an example project (if possible). Just try it
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  4. What does Snap! currently do? Does not constrain image drawn
  5. What should Snap! do instead? Should

SHIFT key to constrain images drawn in PaintEditor does not constrain the image.
Only clicking the "constrain proportions of..." checkbox checked works.

hmm.... I cannot reproduce this, it constrains alright for me...

Reboot, Restart Chrome and Snap! sequence completed.
Still does not constrain.
Just checked the keyboard SHIFT key operation. And it works OK.
Let me know if I can provide any other data or info.

More info:
I reloaded SNAP! 5.4.5 in another Browser window.
It constrained fine in 5.4.5
With it running, I went back to v6.
It started constraining OK , as well.
I terminated the v5.4.5 SNAP!
Went back to v6.
I would NOT constrain at all.

It is actually easy to notice it, as the the "constrain check box" gets checked as soon as one presses the SHIFT key.

So, in my case, with 5.4.5 running in tandem, v6 worked OK.
Without 5.4.5, it does NOT !

Hope it is helpful.

hmm... very strange. There shouldn't be any need to reboot :slight_smile: Also whatever happens in another browser tab should not have any effect. I still cannot reproduce this, maybe it's as Windows thing...

Further info:
One copy of v6 SNAP! running
Below, "SHIFT works" means I get the checkmark in the constrain box.

  • Costumes - Enter Editor
  • SHIFT works
  • Switch to Vector
  • SHIFT works
  • Switch to Bitmap
  • SHIFT does NOT work.

Very consistent.

Yes, I can reproduce it :frowning:
I see more problems here. I will test more and I will try to see where is the problem(s). What I see...

  • Make a new costume and go (directly) to the vector editor. Constraint is not working in version 6 (but yes, working fine on version 5)
  • Make a new costume, paint something (bitmap editor) and then go to vector editor (yes, a warning and return to an empty editor). But now, constraint is not working (v6 and also v5)
  • Make a new costume. Go to vector editor. Return again to bitmap editor. Constraint is not working... but other (big) problems here. Press Ok but the costume is not saved. This problems are in v6 and also in v5.


When you track this down, please let us all know whether it came from the new Morphic or from the hyperblocks. If it's hyperblocks' fault I definitely want to know about it! Thanks.

I noticed something else but did not have the time to troubleshoot in detail. While you are looking for all the other things wrong, see if you can detect anything about this:
I had an instant where when I activated the center of object option in the Paint Editor while editing a sprite, it displayed the circle with the lines through it, but there was NO image of the actual sprite in the background.

I will try to further investigate this and provide info.

nah, nothing in the paint editor(s) has anything to do with hyperblocks. The paint editor code is ... not something I enjoy working on, and the time I've spent working on it to - just barely - port it over to Morphic2 felt like a punishment of sorts. So this is entirely my fault for shying away from code I don't like. It's great that Joan has already found a solution for one of the problem!

Hi @tguneysu,

I think these problems will be fixed soon.
This PR is answering this bug report. I want to test it more because there are quite a few changes and a lot of combinations of the PaintEditors features (switching, painting, saving, using tools...)
In the meantime, if you want to test it, those changes are uploaded at (

Note that the other bug ("clear" function refresh) is not in this test, but it is already fixed.