Change COLOR effect

Same details as the other Paint Editor post (Paint Editor SHIFT does not constrain)

Change COLOR effect -100 to 100 on a BLACK image does not produce any changes in color, unless the image is set to a non-black color to begin with.

Brian's explanations mentioned that with SATURATION set to 0, one would get the black & grey scale values, and with SATURATION set to 100, color changes would be possible.

Maybe this is NOT a bug and my misunderstanding of the use of color.
But, the code below used to change colors before:
Here is a table produced in an earlier version:

before we always set the saturation to 100% (in pre-v5)

Yes, but with Saturation set to 100, the code still does not produce any color change on a black image.
It seems like to color scale is locked to black.
If I color the sprite anything other than black, then it works.

are you sure you were able to change a black square to different colors at one time? That seems quite unexpected to me...

I don't want to waste your time with this.
I am not sure of the exact circumstances of my recollection.
I know how to get around the issue, if needed.
As I have said, the color knowledge nuances are not easy to digest.
Let's let it be !

you're not wasting my time at all, I appreciate all your tests and reports! Looking at your picture it seems that the color effect of zero is the color red. That would make much more sense to me, that the color of the square was red instead of black.

I'd just like to point out that if you load the colors library it solves the Black Hole problem by providing a one-dimensional color scale that includes black, white, grayscale, spectral colors and shades. If only this were the default way to use colors in Snap!... @jens

P.S. Well, it doesn't override the color effect code. Maybe I should add that...

turgut is talking about the color effect, if I'm not mistaken.

Yeah, I know. My color library should shadow that procedure in Snap!. On my list...