Paint Editor BRUSH Size Slider behavior

Same details as the other Paint Editor post (Paint Editor SHIFT does not constrain )

This one is strange, so I'll see if I can describe it:

  • BITMAP mode
  • Click on the Brush Slider (dot in the middle of it works good), and while clicked move it all the way to the right, until the end.
  • Then without unclicking, continue to move the mouse over the numericaal value field and onto the canvas.
  • As soon as canvas is entered, whatever shape menu selector was active before, that shape will be drawn on the screen. one can try this various shape selectors.
  • What is strange is, that NONE of these drawn shapes can be UNDONE !
    UNDO does not clear these shapes at all.

The same actions result in the similar images. But the UNDO works and will one at a time erase the last drawn shape.

this also happens when you click on a color in the color pallette and slide the mouse to the image