Opuscating code

For a thing I need a way to opuscate a string
I know how to do everything else just need to opuscate the string


Yea I cannot spell properly

I ment hiding it
It’s for a thingy


Do you have to retrieve it without any additional information?

Well it’s a string that’s going to be split into 4 parts
But otherwise no I just need the string
I can make the project self destruct if it’s edited so all I need is a way to make it stupidly hard to reverse engineer

So that would be "obfuscate". Why would you want to do such thing?

Cuz I need to make a password sort of thing that you need to get parts of individually, instead of just opening the project and getting it

Perhaps you can use a hashcode, such as:

It's in the Operators palette, when you're in in DEV-mode.

But it needs to be decoded as well by the user

I don't think that's allowed, sadly.

EDIT: Yeah, I think that isn't allowed. See "Should Snap! support hackers?"

The entire point of this is that you aren’t ment to be able to just remix it and get the code that way

I would use another language but I don’t know any that I could possibly use in the specific way that I need it to

If it isn’t allowed I’ll just figure something else out then….

I still don't understand what you're trying to build.

  • If it's about protecting access with a password the transformation should be easy from one direction, and practically impossible from the other (such as with hash functions);
  • If it's a puzzle that will take the user some time to solve, probably a program can solve it very quickly. Is that what you're looking for?

The second one
it’s a teamwork thing
I’m testing out a system where you need 4 different people to view a project and each person gets their own part of the code, then it’s all assembled into one code and that gets decoded

The code for doing that is done ( I even made a reimplementation the the “user id” block for this ) but making the code for separating the string into 4 parts is where I’m drawing a blank

I need to split it by every X letter
But idk how to do that

Exactly where tho, its a huge topic

Jens talks about it:

EDIT: Maybe it's not explicitly disallowed, but more looked down on -- a lot.

Yes it’s too risky
I think I’ll just keep it as a remake of the user id block

dont mess with this:

That has nothing to do with this, apart from having the word in it