Machine Learning

You can just be AI and physics.


Why can't we use NetsBlox?

If you want to talk NetsBlox then get off the Snap! forum and onto the NetsBlox forum.

Then we move this to the NetsBlox forum?

Sure except I’m not moving with it.

Why won't you?

I don't like NetsBlox and I want to stay on Snap!

Please tell me why you don't like it.

We can't do a MMO on Snap!

Why not?

No network capability.

Use your own. Look at the topic I just made.

I can't use the link. My parents blocked Scratch.

That’s fine but just to tell you, that example is a very good project. The exact same as the one I’m trying to make with the dev team of my topic that is not in NetsBlox.

well how to do mmo on Snap!?

Use cloud vars to relay the current position of all players to a clone which would forever for the current player go to a players position messages threw the cloud var and create a clone. Very simple….

Snap! doesn't have cloud vars.


Where do I get a web server?