Machine Learning

I want the top Snapers to join to make a machine learning program to detect if an image is a cat or a dog.

Dev team:

I CAN HELP! I have always wanted to make an AI!

Ok, but bad news, we need 100 GB of data to make this. Snap! only allows 10 GB.

because we need 1000 images of cats and dogs.

I have made an AI too

No we don't. There are more types of machine learning than image generation, you know. And besides, we don't need to use specifically 1000 cat and dog pictures.
What about a neural network that tries to learn about and complete a game?
(Also, I'd like to join.)

Not machine learning level.

I've always wanted to make image recognition.

Well, if it's going to be 100GB like you said, maybe just do something else.

Well what? (image recignition requires a huge data set of images)

GTG I'll be back in 30 mins


@bh can you let us use 100 GB of data for this project?

Um... I don't think it works like that.
We could use a smaller data set of images, or load them from the internet when the project starts, or share the project file on Google Drive, or just not make image recognition.

I don't have google drive.
bh: Wants me to actually do somethin with CS
me: Trys to
Snap!: BLOCK

Do you have a google account?

Huh? What do you mean? Does Snap! block the websites, or is it a school administrator?

No, I mean it blocks be form making an AI(Because of 10 GB limit).

Please answer my question.

Storing the images in a variable would use all my PC's RAM :expressionless: