Machine Learning (Part 2)

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Please use NetsBlox forum.

I want to share a monstrous picture I got from

It is a Trypophobia Trigger; I don't think I have that phobia, but it still scares me.

Warning: ugly and creepy

Nvm, lets make an AI to chat with humans.

So we no longer need netsblox.
(@earthrulerr you can rejoin if you want)

If no MetsBlox I join.

Yes, you can rejoin.
But we are really missing out. I wanted to make it with Network capability.

You don't need networking for a chatbot. Just save the neural net's progress with the project, and then include an option to clear it and train the bot yourself.

We can also send the progress to the cloud...

or just

which is a lot easier.
please tell me your reasoning on why we should upload it to the cloud.

But, what if it takes up to much space and goes over the file size limit?

post a link to download the file on the forums.

Or, just use the cloud! It makes it easier for the user.

By a tiny, nearly unnoticeable margin.

Your just making small excuses to avoid using the cloud.

If you can make your own cloud variable server that's always on, go ahead.

I already did.

Share the project link..!%20Cloud%20Variables%20(Public)

No downtime recorded.