Lunar OS (Part 5)

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@earthrulerr where did you get the cog icon?

The gear icon?


I will make my own.

Ok, can you do the calculator and fix the calculator glitch in settings were it is shown when the project is loading. Also why did you guys delete my loading screen:(

Why not calulator?

Wdym why not? Idk how to use clones properly so can you make it? Also there are some bugs when you turn calculator on and in the loading process.

I can make clone blocks.

Yes but can you make the calculator please.

@joecooldoo please use a different cloud id
I see a lot of foobarbazgarplyqux's messages

what is foobarbazgarplyqux?

@joecooldoo We need a new update thing ASAP or else we own’t be able to update it. Also here is the link for the new version, Sir Kitten can you please make the calculator in it? Snap! 6.9.0 Build Your Own Blocks

the original cloud id


the demo cloud id

Can you please make the calculator in this project: Snap! 6.9.0 Build Your Own Blocks then save it, enable sharing, and send me the link.

I think I want to restart this OS from scratch.

Bruh. No no no no no. I have worked days on this project and we have gotten so far. We are almost done. All we need is a calculator!