Lunar OS (Part 3)

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Yes that is a good idea.


We could also just have an OS runner instead, so you cant view the source code unless granted.

Yes! Very good ideas. So you start working on that and I’ll work on Snapple and other.

en ingles por favor.

should we go w/ an OS runner or just put the entire thing in one project?

Also I do not know how to make the Snapple engine😅

It was in English do you mean Spanish?

It means in English please, what I mean is what do you mean by OS runner?

Whichever is better.

I mean a project that starts the OS from a seperate project, not start an entire project.
Example: Start Project one loads project 2.

Welllll, you could try to use the cors proxy and go off from there...

Ok, but how do you set the project xml?

How do I make a list the option isn’t showing up in my editor for some reason😑

Pls help me.

ill try to figure out some code

To make a list?

Well, bring a certain message from a url...