Lunar OS (Part 1)

Here is the launcher button:

Mouse Hovering:

Mouse not hovering:

thats the chromeOS start menu this is the start menu of windows 10 (fullscreen)

ignore the windows 7 logo thing, thats my wallpaper

I know what the Start Menu looks like. I used to use Windows 10.

here is my design



those look kina bad, ima make better ones

Gee, thanks.

I'm not insulting you, but it looks like you use Microsoft paint.

I used Scratch

I'm using Inkscape.

The lunar OS logo

Another collab?
Edit 2/23/2022: strikethroughed because of advice from below

And the cycle continues, collab after collab being made and forgotten shortly after...

Uh, no, the collabs are not being forgotten. Your just not paying attention. You really need to stop blabbing like that.

Uh, yes, obviously. Whats wrong with having a collab?

That looks like a boomerang.

No, mine looks like a moon! I'd like to see you try!

Go ahead. Also, use <span> to make it clear.

uh, that is a very skinny moon, with some weird looking sparks...