Lunar OS (Part 1)

they look like plus signs, and the moon doesn't have any detail to it.

So what? Its still a collab and people are learning, so whats the point? And some people get lots of school which means they CAN forget about it.

looks even worse

Yes, I made the logo Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

That's what I want, simple, no complex details or textures

EXACTLY what mine is.

:expressionless: stop aruging

I read every post on this forum when it comes out

hold on, I have to make a template

Ok, the template is Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Do this with the template:

  1. Export the icon from the project to your computer
  2. Open it with Inkscape
  3. Edit it

Yes, also please use Inkscape, if you don't have it you can download it here.

What if you cant download inkscape?

It's available for every operating system.

not chrome os

ur wrong

well almost no one uses crome os.

EDIT: I'm on linux

all my friends use chrome os.

well, stop using your school computer! (most school computers are chrome os for no reason)

Mine is not the special type that has the feature to run ubuntu apps.

I'm not using my school computer!