3d engine

I want to make a good 3d engine on Snap!, that's it.

Dev team:

Current project:

Ok, I added you.

Latest update v1.0.1


- Player movement

Known bugs

- Lines warping if cam z < 0


- Cleaned up scripts

Can you make it so you can rotate the camera?

Maybe later, right now what I need is to find out how to fix the lines warping if cam z < 0.

y'all need to stop making collabs and focus on one for more than a week.

Uh... I left Lunar OS and I'm no longer interested in penguin racing.


How am I spamming?

You keep quoting that on every single collab.

It's relevant, though.

@earthrulerr Why did you make a Z block feature request, they will not be needed when we make this.

Ummm, I was not talking about the 3D engine I’m not even involved in it. I have never really worked with 3D stuff in Snap! before. I made it cause we have XY but not XYZ. It was a very easy thing to make. If you want me to do something for the 3D engine just say so but I might not be much help. I’ll look at the project and see if I can understand.

Edit: I have absolutely no idea how it works. So confused with all the vars.

See the Go to () () () block I made? That makes your sprite go to a position in 3d space, it is used for drawing the cube.

Latest update v1.0.2


- Position block

Known bugs

- Lines are drawn even if you are behind an object


- Made cube look like a cube.

Latest update v1.0.3


Known bugs


- Objects no longer show they are behind you.


I want to end this collab, please do not post here so this topic can close.

i want to join
I have programmed 5 (>=3)d engines in pjs and one in snap