Nintendo Switch Game



Ok then tell me the general information please. Like what kind of game? Also how do we use Nintendo controls? There are no blocks for it. We would have to make our own with JS.

I haven't decided on what type of game to make, and no, you dont need javascript.

Then how to you identify Nintendo controls?

The picture just shows that the Switch has a web browser. It'd be more compelling if it showed an interactive Snap! project running there!

Fish Eaters

now I wish I had a switch

I just saved up for one by mowing the lawn.


Your Welcome.

I have the money I'm just not aloud to get it


yeah. see ya later. bye

although I still think everyone should stop and focus on one collab, this is a cool idea. Probably not just for the nintendo switch, since not everyone has a switch, but switch compatibility could be a good thing to add to ongoing projects.
What are all the Snap! equivalents of the buttons?

A = Mouse Down
Thumbstick Detector is in project. (NOTE: Negatives are positives and positives are negatives)

Can't you just use[scratchblocks][neg v]of(value)::operators[/scratchblocks] in the detector?
Also what about the other buttons like d-pad arrows, b and x, triggers etc?

b acts as the back button for the browser,
and x closes it entirely.
dpad moves the webpage, but im still experimenting with it

I have no idea why i didnt think of that

other joystick makes the browser zoom