Licenses, COPPA, and other legalisms (Part 1)

What I meant is that the editor, as in making a new username text field can add it. The human can't add anything to PrivateData, the Editor can add it. (As in a bot)

Removing a field, not adding one.

Yes adding one too will also not work.

P.S. I AM using the editor (Not ADI):

What is ADI?

Wix ADI is a VERY simplified version of the website editor, and is designed for noobs. I use ADI to create the looks, and go to editor to make more major changes.

How hard is it to remove the email field?

Oh my gosh. You should probably know already that everything breaks when you do that.


It breaks the login completely.

It will also corrupt other peoples login data.

Ok, there's only like 5 people signed up. Just do it.

Again, it breaks the entire login.

Every website does. Also Wix doesn’t steal your I.P…..

@joecooldoo solution to this: make a thing on login that says something like: “make sure to ask your parents before signing in”

Added to the Signup!

When you create a new Snap! account, we ask for the month and year of your birth, and use that information (which never leaves your computer) to decide whether to ask for your email address or your parent's email address. I would recommend that practice.

If we were a business instead of a nonprofit, that wouldn't be good enough; we would have to verify that the alleged parent is an adult by, e.g., asking for a phone number and talking with them, or asking for a scan of their drivers license, or collecting a credit card number, etc.

We ask for an email address to be able to handle forgotten passwords, and also to notify users who are suspended for policy violations (although I don't think we've ever actually sent emails for that).

The paragraph quoted above from the Wix privacy policy about personal information from users of users seems to say that they collect such information only if their user asks them to. But I'd have to read the entire policy to know for sure.

But I also think it's right that every web site collects PII. More specifically, every web site that includes a Facebook thumbs-up button is sending everything your browser knows about you to Facebook automatically, whether or not you click the button. So I think wix is the least of your worries.

Speaking of logging in and signing up, did you see the new login/signup screen? (

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