Licenses, COPPA, and other legalisms (Part 1)

How sure are you @bh that @joecooldoo is a boy? How do you know?

I am a boy above 13. If bh said I was a girl, I would have corrected him.

@joecooldoo are you planning on making the Snap! JR website a legitimate website where people can sign in, use the cloud to make Snap! JR projects, etc?

It already is :slight_smile:

Well, except for using an online version of Snap! Jr. We will get to that eventually. But you can share projects!

Just make it so you only need a username.

I will try. I'm learning the Wix Editor instead of ADI.

This is very cool and impressive. I would like to contribute to this project as well. Is there a way I could help?

Could you please talk in the Snap! Jr Topic? This has to do with the legalisms of Snap! Jr.

Oh sorry. Where can I find it?

Hey @joecooldoo, are you working on the sign-up forum that only requires a username?

PrivateData is read-only, so I can't do much.

You can use though.

Just make the signup forum only need a username(I never used wix so IDK how).

Again, PrivateData is read only. Only the editor and the website can make changes to it. I mean, I do know how to do it, it's just that linking it to PrivateData... well, that's a different story.

And an ONLY a username would be very in-secure for a login.

Yes but youngsters(minors) can't use Snap! Jr. if you collect email addresses.

Use the editor.