Joy's Pizza World (Part 1)

I need a bit help with a horror rpg i'm making
I need ideas of what I should do to make it "scary", I guess.
I made the pixel art with google sheets.
Credits to @oscar_robinson for making the rpg template
Also credits to @coder2195snap for making the blindness effect work & debugging

It's supposed to be a game about an old pizzeria with a dark past
It's supposed to be kinda related to FNAF, i guess.

wow, nobody responded...

When I break the silence

Hey where me in credits I helped

well can you help without making unnecessary comments like:

ok sry

why do the characters glow

they are in the 1st layer so you can click on them to talk to them

wait you can talk?

then why they make you blind

because they are glued to the level so they stay in place

I can fix that

ANd is the funtime_foxy that rude in the game?
Go away?

yes. i guess.

OOF that character with the staff doesn't talk...

it's not a staff it's their endoskeleton head that got ripped out of their head
she's broken

i'm going to update it soon where she makes some sort of sound when you click on her

pls fix it if you want, and if you do, share the fixed version of it with me and imma add the code to my project

oki :slight_smile:

hmmm should we make an collab account?

hey should i make a hunger bar and make pizza that spawns randomly every 2 minutes?

sure... and btw reply to me not the post cuz I didn't get notif