Joy's Pizza World (Part 2)

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First post part 2
Well how do I shove him

I need a bit help with a horror rpg i'm making
I need ideas of what I should do to make it "scary", I guess.
I made the pixel art with google sheets.
Credits to @oscar_robinson for making the rpg template
Also credits to @coder2195snap for making the blindness effect work & debugging

It's supposed to be a game about an old pizzeria with a dark past
It's supposed to be kinda related to FNAF, i guess.

I already told you
just click on him

Hmm interesting


You really are a great game dev AND artist :woman_artist:

not without help

that i can do without help

That’s what we are together for to help each other

I'm rlly tired gonna go to bed to nap and possibly wake up @ 3 am and stay up

Ok see ya

hmm what should i add to this game today

PIZZA I can help

just make clones of pizza, give clones private variables and then scrollToPlayer(clone.x,clone.y)

i already said that i changed my mind about the pizza/health thingy
the health bar isn't gonna work

did you add that dude who killed joy etc

can't didn't make him yet

Hmm then your practically done for now

i shall add the band characters

oki sure