Join our team (Part 2)

We could also use tri-hash and Uni-hash as it removes issues with length and makes a much more random output but it’s slower

(The hash block is this block from dev mode)
Joystick script pic 12

i don't rlly understand, r you trying to make the fake 3d effect thing with raycaster ?


so what are you doing ?

making a radar

what for ?

the game

what will the radar be used for?


kind of smt like that ?

i think i have an idea, lets try and make a spore type thing

That actually sounds really cool.

Wanna start?

do you mean the game spore
where you are a creature and can edit you creature to evolve
I made something like that on scratch
it’s really slow in snap but it might be a useful base
my scratch profile is Codegang academy

Maybe, but I think it would be better to start from scratch here


I've done that before :sweat_smile:
But whatever, uh...yeah I guess I'll join?

btw i still exist if you guys need me

why do you not have a profile picture

Discourse doesn't render their Profile Picture's white for now.