Join our team (Part 1)

ill join
what should we call ourselves though?

The ghosts

I'll join, but what exactly will we be making?

Sure me too

So what’s first

I think our first project should be

Maybe an Garry’s mod but 2D

That’s a bit much for a first project don’t you think

Yeah let’s go easy

What about an simple demo for an simple horror game callled Nightmares just make it out of your nightmares like clowns, blood, jumpscares

Feel free to simplify it!

Eh, I’d rather not do horror games as me and pax are kinda bunt out as that’s all we used to do


Let’s brainstorm

What is your idea?

Idk, let’s make a game idea generator


You know, make an idea generator for ideas

Or how about an mod of my previous projects Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Or how about an mod of this Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Sorry but I code on I pad :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you give me some stuff to put in the ideagen